About us

MCTEC INTERNATIONAL is a Houston, TX-based subsidiary of Macaetec Group, a company established in the Brazilian market for 30 years.
Macaetec Instrumentos, which is also part of  Multitec Group, currently has offices in Rio de Janeiro, Macaé and Vitória and will begin operations in Santos during the first semester of 2018.
We manage sales and distribution of measuring equipment, electronic, hydraulic and ROV parts and tools for use in the oil and gas industry.
We have our own lab for calibration and certification of tools and instruments.
All companies in the group are registered at Petrobras and Petronect.

Macaetec Instrumentos is the official global supplier of Fluke measuring instruments, currently on our fifth contract with Petrobras (the first one was signed on early 2010). We also provide technical support, training and exchange warranties.



407 Lincoln Road PH-NE
Miami Beach, FL 33139