Ex-works e Door To Door CIF

MCTEC International was created to exploit and conquer the energy market by providing services that improve the companies’ infrastructure through quality purchases, efficient logistics for expeditious delivery, and worldwide presence operating with EXW.

We maintain warehouses in Houston, Miami and Brazil and work with the largest factories specialized in the energy industry in order to supply only the best products.


To provide high-quality, trustworthy products and services, innovative and up-to-date solutions and the necessary support for everything to function properly, all in accordance with the best compliances a globalized pricing reality.


To become one of the main providers of solutions for industry and services markets, developing partnerships and supplying cutting-edge products and full support before and after sales, and to be a benchmark for trustworthiness and safety.


We value people. Our direct and indirect collaborators are our greatest assets.
We are committed to provide the best solutions, both in matters of safety and trustworthiness.
We search continuously for ways to innovate and acquire new information about technologies and solutions set to the highest quality standards.
We strive to improve results. Through a critical analysis we aim to align internal and external processes so that improved results are a consequence of our excellence as service providers.


407 Lincoln Road PH-NE
Miami Beach, FL 33139